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Hiatus Challenge @ legendland

30 day Hiatus challenge at [info]legendland

If anyone not from
[info]legendland is viewing this, please consider going over there and applying for Team Chipmunk Cara.

Item 1:

Wallpaper 1280x1024

widescreen: 1280x800

Item 2:

3 icons - Team Icons

*is submitting the three team icons I made ten minutes ago cause I'm lazy*

Item 3:

Cara/Kahlan Blend

Item 4:
3 icons - Kahlan Amnell

Item 5:
3 icons - Alternate Timeline Cara Mason

Item 6:
3 icons - Dahlia

Item 7:
3 icons - Mord'Sith

Item 8:
3 icons - Denna

Item 9:
3 icons - Femslash (part 1)

Item 10:
3 icons - Femslash (part 2)

Item 11:
3 icons - Cara

Item 12:
3 icons - Sisiters of the Dark


Nope. Not seeing a pattern here.

Item 13, 14 and 15:
Equivalent of 5 drabbles - Stargate SG-1/Legend of the Seeker Crossover

Name: Women in red
Fandom: SG-1 and LotS crossover
Pairing: Daniel Jackson/Several Mord’sith
Word Count: 578

Daniel Jackson took that last tiny breath before he started – that tiny imperceptible breath he always took before stepping into the Stargate as though it was a wall of water. There was a brief flash of color, and then the planet on the other side appeared in front of him.

It was a nice planet – slightly colder than the US, but pleasantly so, and much greener than most places on Earth. They seemed to be in a small field surrounded by trees. At the top of a hill half a mile away, there was some kind of building, which looked like a temple.

“I hope you weren’t trying to leave without me,” said a familiar voice behind him.

He turned around. Vala Mal Doran was standing there, an expression of true outrage on her face.

“No, of course not, Miss Doran.”

Mitchell rolled his eyes and shook his head, clearly amused. Daniel turned his attention back to the temple on top of the hill. It didn’t look like something from earth – perhaps the Goa’uld had never been to this planet, or at least not in thousands of years.

“-who does she think she is? Dressed like that, you’d think she…”

“Will you be quiet a minute, Vala.” He said.

She made a little ‘huff’ noise, but stopped talking. Even so, he looked up and followed her gaze. About seven tall women dressed in blood red leather were walking in formation towards the temple.

At least – they had been. On some unspoken command, they turned and headed for the Stargate and SG-1. Daniel might have stopped to wonder who they were, but he suddenly found himself distracted by the perfect leather-bound curves of the women, and the curiously shaped weapons in their hands.

These weapons were being drawn as the group of women walked towards them. He noticed Mitchell and Carter had their guns raised, so he did the same. Teal’c was tensed for battle, but staring avidly all the same. Vala – well, Vala was being Vala; standing at the back and using the team as a shield, and checking her nails, pristinely unconcerned. The women stopped in front of them, a little further than they would if they had purely friendly intentions, Daniel surmised. Suddenly, everyone but Vala was looking at him to do the talking. As usual. Reluctantly, he stepped forward.

“Where did you come from?” The woman at the front of the said, with the hint of a superior sneer in her voice.

“We came through Stargate. We’re explorers. Friendly.”

“Where did you come from?” She repeated impatiently

“We came through the Stargate. The big ring behind me.”

“So you walked through a large metal circle. Where did you come from before you walked through that large metal circle? Dhara?”

“The ring is a gate – a portal,” he explained. “We came from another world.”

The women looked at each other and sniggered. 

“You can’t be banelings. All the banelings turned to dust when the Seeker and his friends closed the underworld for good. So don’t lie.

“Whats a… baneling?” Daniel asked.

Sarcastic smirks appeared on their beautifully painted lips. On some inaudible command, they formed a circle around the team, the strange red weapons drawn and pointed at them.

“Move. Lord Rahl can decide what to do with you”

They moved, tripping every few moments as their eyes strayed from the path back to the perfect curves of the women in red.



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